Prem Joshua & Band

Tales of a Dancing River

Release Date : Feb 15, 1993

Label : Prem Joshua

Tales of a Dancing River

Track List
01 Kafi
02 The Rains Have Come
03 Lord of the Buddhas
04 Dance of the Desert People
05 Gunkali Forest
06 Moon at Noon
07 Dancing River Part 1
08 The Bridge
09 Still Life (Flowing)
10 Frog Celebrations
11 Dancing River Part 2
12 Thumry – Ferryman’s Party
13 Ocean Monsoon Night

After having played and written songs for many international bands – this is Joshua’s debut album featuring him as a multi-instrumentalist and composer. This album is entirely performed on acoustic (and mostly Indian) instruments. It is not just music about certain moods and phenomena in nature, it makes you directly feel the situations. Get absolutely engrossed with the magic of a monsoon rain in “The Rains Have Come”, take part in an Indian village party in the raw and wild “Dance of the Desert People”, sit by a Himalayan mountain stream in “Gunkali Forest”, cross the bridge of East and West with the Indian flute and the Western horn section in “The Bridge”, and on a silent night sit by the side of the vast Arabian Sea listening to “Ocean Monsoon Night”.