Prem Joshua & Band


Release Date : Nov 03, 2021

Label : Prem Joshua


My special thanks go to Yogesh Mehta from Dubai who has always loved my music and believed in my artistic work. Without his trust, help and support this album would not have been possible. With the Covid lockdown “Prem Joshua & Band” was suddenly forced to stop any live performances, but thanks to Yogesh Mehta my band and some other fantastic artists continued to have an immensely creative gathering on this album. The entire process felt like a musical retreat. To preserve the original character and flow of inspiration I have kept all tracks in the exact running order they were conceived. My thanks reach out to all my international fellow musicians, artists and sound engineers who have contributed to this album with their passion and skills: Dondieu Divin (France), Hamsika Iyer (India), Sanou Olszewski (Italy), Hina Sarojini (India), Raul Sengupta (India), Satgyan Fukuda (Japan), Nico di Battista (Italy), Chintan Relenberg (Germany), Christoph Stickel (Austria), Ketna Patel (UK)

Track list:

1) Chennai Chutney (6:18)
2) Neelu’s Dream (7:03)
3) Journey to Reggae-sthan (5:41)
4) Rajalucia (7:27)
5) Sohini (6:17)
6) Rain Colours (5:54)
7) Mandu (7:26)
8) The Hidden Valley (6:56)
9) Himalayan Nights (4:36)

Total: 57:41

Prem Joshua: Sitar, Flutes, Soprano Saxophone, Santoor, Dilruba, Gopichand, Vocals
Dondieu Divin: Piano, Harmonium, Keyboards, Programming
Hamsika Iyer: Vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 9
Sanou Olszewski: Vocals on tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9
Hina Sarojini: Voice on track 8
Raul Sengupta: Tabla, Kanjeera, Udu, Cajon, voice on track 8
Satgyan Fukuda: Bass
Nico di Battista: Guitars and bass on track 4