Prem Joshua & Band

Shiva Moon

Release Date : Oct 27, 2003

Label : Prem Joshua & Maneesh De Moor

Shiva Moon

Track List
01 Darbari NYC
02 Shiva Moon Intro
03 Tangerine Thumri
04 Bolo Hari
05 Tilang Tantra
06 Saffron Dreams
07 Omar
08 Seventh Eclipse

A collection of 6 remixes and 3 previously unreleased compositions, this CD creates a pulsating energy link between such opposite musical cultures as Indian classical, Lounge and Trance. Maneesh de Moor’s intelligent remix brings something new to compositions by Prem Joshua adding danceable yet sensitive grooves and electronica arrangements that get you moving. Sandhya Sanjana joins with her deep and sultry vocals on “Darbari NYC,” “Tangerine Thumri,” and “Saffron Dreams.” Also featured is Manish Vyas on tabla.