Prem Joshua & Band

Secret of the Wind

Release Date : Jan 01, 1997

Label : Prem Joshua

Secret of the Wind

Track List
01 New Kafi
02 Now Is The Time
03 Shepherd Solitude
04 Eastwind
05 Bol
06 Monsoon Journey
07 Friends
08 The Kites
09 Bairagi Desert
10 Purvi
11 From Across the Water

This album was mainly recorded in India and later mixed and mastered in studios in Europe. To give his compositions the right spices and ingredients, Joshua gathered not less than 24 musicians in his house-cum-recording studio in India! Among the many artists featured on this album are musicians from the famous “All India Radio,” who still perform live while being aired all over the Indian subcontinent, just as in the early days of radio!