Prem Joshua & Band


Release Date : Dec 18, 1999

Label : Prem Joshua


Track List
01 Lahore Connection
02 Wild Ghunghu 1
03 Shiva Moon 1
04 Shiva Moon 2
05 Darbari NYC
06 Wild Ghunghu 2
07 Lahore Connection – Ethno Mix
08 Road to Solaia
09 Saffron Dreams
10 Banyan Tales

After playing live music for a live trance event in India, both the Dutch keyboardist Maneesh de Moor and Joshua knew that a new sound was born, which they had to bring out on an album. Soon after, they created MUDRA in the silence of the Tuscan hills and the noise of downtown Amsterdam. This CD blends “trancey” analogue keyboard sounds with sitar and ethnic flutes. Featuring the hit “Shivamoon”.