Prem Joshua & Band

Luminous Secrets

Release Date : Jul 11, 2010

Label : Prem Joshua & Band

Luminous Secrets

Track List

01 Meera
02 Nine Wonders
03 LFG (Letter From God)
04 Luminous Secrets
05 Hele Mele
06 Song of the Weaver
07 A Light for your Night
08 Chandra
09 Kirwani Namaste

With this album Prem Joshua and his international musicians take another bold step towards a completely fresh meeting beyond the limits of East and West. Ancient Indian ragas spread their mysterious and subtle fragrances in a modern sound ambience and the famous Eastern mystic poets Meera, Kabir and Hafiz sing to us again as contemporaries.

Review – Prem Joshua & Band Luminous Secrets

Every once in a while I receive a CD from an artist I’m not familiar with that totally knocks my socks off, and Luminous Secrets is one of them. Having been a huge fan of jazz-fusion music in the 70’s, especially Mahavishnu Orchestra, as well as Jean Luc Ponty, Weather Report, and others, I have a special affection for the genre’s virtuoso musicianship, interesting time signatures, and creative exploration. The music on this album recaptures that magic and adds elements of world music, especially the sound and mystery of India.

Originally from Germany, Prem Joshua has made India his second home for nearly two decades. In that time he has absorbed many of its influences, including playing sitar and Bansuri flute, and blends them seamlessly with jazz, funk, lounge, chill, and trance into what he calls an “Indo-Global’ sound.” Today he is the number one best-selling World Music artist in India and the foremost Indian newspaper – the Times of India – has even lauded him as the “New Guru of World Fusion Music.”

The album features both instrumental and vocal tracks and ranges from high- octane groove fests to mystical moments. His band – all absolutely amazing musicians in their own right, hail from India, Germany, and Japan. There are also a number of guest musicians including harpist Andreas Vollenweider. As Prem Joshua’s music begins to make greater inroads in the West, I’m sure that other listeners will be as impressed as I am with this stunning musical melange.

Michael Diamond, music editor – Awareness Magazine