Release Date : Apr 15, 2024

Label : Prem Joshua


Written and recorded in Goa/India from Oct 2023 until Feb 2024, I had the tremendous pleasure to be working with some excellent Indian and international artists - to explore a free musical space beyond the traditions of India and the West. I named the album “Koyal” after the Indian songbird whose unique call I always felt was the call of the Indian soul. 

Joby Baker (CAN): double bass, drums, guitars, keyboards
Raul Sengupta (IND): tabla, frame drum, udu, percussion
Sanou Olszewski (DE): vocals
Hamsika Iyer (IND): vocals
Sukriti Sen (IND): vocals
Niloy Ahsan (IND): vocals
Shashank Kumar (IND): lyrics
Rishi Saether (DK): percussion
Radu Marinescu (D): mixing and mastering
Ketna Patel (UK): cover artwork
Yogesh Mehta (IND): creative initiator and patron
Prem Joshua (D): sitar, bansuri (bamboo flutes), soprano sax, vocals, dilruba, gopichand, percussion

Feedback to the album:

“Superb compositions and great interaction between these international musicians! It feels so fluid and one gets the impression as if the entire album was recorded live in one take.”

“A milestone in Prem Joshua’s career as a crossover musician and a shining pearl in his mala of unique albums.” 

“Breezes of jazz and influences of Indian raga dance together, glide, float, mingle, melt - there seem to be no cultural boundaries! 
With “Koyal”, Prem Joshua succeeds in creating a refreshing album, unmistakably again with his very own signature sound but quite different from his previous releases.”

Track list:

1) Life of a Lama
2) Wise Fool
3) Monsoon Day
4) Elephant and Butterfly
5) Nandu Nine
6) When the Koyal Sings
7) Seven Moons
8) Under the Chikoo Tree
9) Calling the Mystics