Prem Joshua & Band


Release Date : Feb 17, 1994

Label : Prem Joshua


Track List
01 Moghul Gardens
02 Mango Rain
03 Deccan Queen
04 Darbari
05 Koregaon Morning
06 Saki
07 Bazaar Rumours
08 That Silent Place
09 Return of the Mystics
10 Rickshaw To Paradise

The Urdu word ‘Hamsafar’ is often used in North Indian poetry and means fellow traveler. This album is an invitation to a magic carpet ride over the borders of East and West. On his second album Joshua is inspired by the many moods of day-to-day life in India and creates a finely woven musical tapestry of scents, melodies, imagination and rhythms. On this musical journey experience and smell the fragrance of the first rains after a long draught in “Mango Rain”, share the pain of the singer who yearns for a far-away lover in “Darbari”, awaken your senses with the first morning birds in “Koregaon Morning”, dance to abandon with the Sufis in the qawwali track “Saki”, or stroll down a noisy Indian bazaar lane with “Bazaar Rumours”…